What is Your Vision?

Author Jim Collins, in Good to Great, stated that great leaders have ambition beyond their own personal self-interest. They aren’t satisfied with personal success only, but focus entirely upon furthering the vision of the enterprise or their team.

Successful People are Dreamers | | Hughie BagnellPresident Theodore Roosevelt stated, “We need leaders of inspired idealism, leaders to whom are granted great visions, who dream greatly and strive to make their dreams come true; who can kindle the people with the fire from their own burning souls.”

John Maxwell says that “everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Vision, then, is a portrait of a better future that we may participate in developing. Vision comes from an image of a dream in the leader’s mind. This vision is a very clear mental picture to the leader. The key in life is to get a bigger vision than the present reality.

Vision is future reality expressed as an idea today! Kouzes and Posner, authors of The Leadership Challenge¬†write, “Leaders inspire a shared vision. They gaze across the horizon of time, imagining the attractive opportunities that are in store when they and their team arrive at a distant destination. Leaders have a desire to make something happen, to change the way things are, to create something that no one else has ever created before. In some ways leaders live their lives backwards. They see pictures in their mind’s eye of what the results will look like even before they’ve started their project, much as an architect draws a blueprint or an engineer builds a model.”

Successful People are Dreamers | | Hughie Bagnell



Do you have a vision that justifies a long-term commitment, that allows you to sustain your energy and enthusiasm over the long haul?

 Sometimes we need help, encouragement, motivation, inspiration, mentoring, leadership and coaching to discover and develop our vision, our mission to take our personal achievement to its highest level.

Personal Mentoring and Coaching is your ticket! I’d love to help you.¬†

In the words of hockey great Wayne Gretzky, “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Join the Journey with Personal Mentoring and Coaching!

Your Dreams are Worth It,
Hughie Bagnell
Personal Development Life Coach
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