Motivation Morning

Motivation Morning

“The need for motivational speakers in this country has never been more desperate. When we look at all the people who are paralyzed by lack of confidence and a crippling inferiority complex, we know how badly people need to be motivated.”        ~ Lisa Witepski, Tsheto Educational Services

  1. Learn to focus on who you are, not what you are…the motivational impact.
  2. Learn the definition of motivation…the motivational starting point.
  3. Discover or rather rediscover creativity…the motivational wake up.
  4. Understanding of perception…the motivational mirror.
  5. Recognition and importance of courage…the motivational stick to it.
  6. Discover the music in you…the motivational power.
  7. Generation of unlimited energy…the persistent motivation.
  8. Discovery of enthusiasm…the motivational true meaning.
  9. Providing an innovative approach or road map to spirituality, attitude, personal well-being, and satisfaction…the motivational change of long-term behavior.

Let us recognize a basic truth.

Success in life is not a destination. It is a journey!

Robin S. Sharma, author of ‘The Monk who Sold His Ferrari’ and ‘Leadership Wisdom’ once said to me; “Lead Wisely”, and in signing my book ‘Leadership Wisdom’, he wrote:

Lead wisely!

See You at the Top,

Hughie Bagnell

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