Success is a combination of attitude, action, and opportunity!

Successful people from all walks of life have a lot in common: such as, a positive attitude, drive, discipline, and courage.

The Characteristics of Success

What makes a person successful? Why is it that some people seem to live lives filled with triumph and achievement, while others fail at most of the things they do or at least don’t succeed to any great degree? Have you ever asked yourself those questions? I have. And the answers are very revealing.

I don’t believe that anyone is destined by fate for success. I also don’t believe that success is reserved for those with a fortunate heritage or who grow up in an enriching environment. In short, it’s not a private club for those who just happen to be born wealthy, intelligent, or attractive.

Given that people from all cultures and walks of life have lived successful lives, it raises the question, “What do they have in common?”

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