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How to Close More Sales

Have you ever noticed how successful you are on those days that you feel great? You know, those days when everyone who walks and talks is there to buy from you.

How to Close more Sales | | Hughie BagnellIn business you must learn to sell! Marketing which attempts to attract affiliates, internet marketers, network marketers, home business people by suggesting that you do not need to sell is fictitious. There is nothing further from the truth. It is quite simple; in order for a business, your business to make money and for you to turn your dreams into a reality a product must sell and somebody must sell it. The first product that you must sell is you! 

The product doesn’t sell itself! A presentation alone doesn’t sell the product. Marketing and advertising doesn’t sell either, and price sure doesn’t sell anything for the long term. Enthusiasm gets the credit because it charges the emotions positively! Your business will not grow without consistent advertising and promotion which is your marketing strategy, however, people don’t buy product and they don’t buy price, they buy people that are pumped, that are excited. Why? 

Because “Buying is emotional….ENTHUSIASM sells!”

How to Close More Sales | | Hughie Bagnell

How to Close More Sales

5 things you can do, to close more sales:

  1. Understand your  customers/clients. Slow down and find their real reasons for buying. And NO, it isn’t price!
  2. Build rapport. Before you try to sell, find some common ground, build a relationship. It helps you break down the natural resistance people have in a buying situation. The clues are everywhere.
  3. Take control. The person asking the questions controls the conversation. You have to learn how to ask the right questions, at the right time.
  4. Be prepared. Being good and being prepared are not the same. Plan tomorrow, tonight!
  5. Speed kills selling ~ so slow down. The more time you spend with them the stronger your personal relationship develops, the higher your closing ratio.

How to Close More Sales | | Hughie BagnellGet out of Your Shell – And Learn to Sell

Educate your way out of fear, take it one step at a time and in real life put your fears into perspective!


Your Dreams are Worth It,

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