A Tip That’s Worth Millions

How the News Will Keep You Broke

A few years ago, I heard a powerful success tip!

A tip that’s been worth millions to people like you and me!

And, I bet can put money in your pocket too.

It was from a guy who specializes in buying large ($1 million or higher) businesses without using any banks, credit or his own money. And back in the 1980’s he was all over TV selling his program.

A Tip that's Worth Millions | www.HughieBagnell.net | Hughie BagnellAnyway, he teaches a lot of cool stuff.

But there is one thing that changed my life almost overnight!

And that is:

“During recessions, stay the heck away from the news.”

Why does he teach this? Because the news is, by its nature, negative. It is based on the saying, “if it bleeds, it leads.”
And when you are in business, you need to FOCUS on your customers, your team, yourself and your business more than ever (especially during hard times) — and not get distracted by all the chaos and angst.

Very simple tip!

Very powerful, too!

Everyone I know who abstains from the news reports is sleeping better and being more optimistic, more productive and making more money. All by switching off the idiot box when the news comes on. So just something to consider.

If you want to make more income, turn off the news!

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