How Self-Control Will Lead To Success

How Self-Control Will Lead To Success

If we learn to take responsibility for every area of our lives, we can also choose to create in our lives the direction and focus that we need.

One of the best ways to exhibit self-control is know that,

  1. faith, not fear;
  2. love, not hate;
  3. joy, not sorrow;
  4. peace, not tension;
  5. freedom, not bondage;

are the fundamentals of success!

Success takes practice, and if you want to feel like a success, it is important for you to begin to acknowledge your successes right now.

Listen to the encouragement you receive from mentors, coaches, parents, teachers, employers, and friends.

As you build on success, you may discover that you can create this again and again in various aspects of living.

Success feeds on itself and creates more success!

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